Ideal for both mobile detailers and avid enthusiasts, this compact aerator ensures you unlock the full potential of your Vehicle or Room Deodorization Kit. Stubborn odors don't stand a chance against the might of this little pump.


 Supercharge Your Deodorization 

With the Oxygenator Aerator, two incredible transformations occur:

  1.  Drastically Boosted Deodorization Potency 

  2.  Reduced Treatment Time to Under One Hour 

 How to Use the Oxygenator Aerator 

  1. Fill the Bio-Bombs application jar to the indicated fill line with water and place it snugly in the vehicle cupholder.

  2. Gently insert and lower the weighted Oxygenator hose into the bottom of the jar.

  3. Tear open the pouch containing the Bio-Bomb tablet and drop it into the jar.

  4. Activate the Oxygenator and promptly exit the vehicle.

  5. After one hour, return to your vehicle, open all doors and windows, and allow the space to air out for 10 minutes.


 Requires 2 AA Batteries and Offers Over 20 Hours of Runtime